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HOTEL ACCORD is one of the fastest growing hotels brands in Ranchi and also the representative of a three-star deluxe amenity to lead in hospitality and boutique properties.HOTEL ACCORD is located at the heart of the city which come up with the true luxury services of the hospitality in economical rates stats with the best deal in hotel accommodation.
HOTEL ACCORD is the property renowned for the convenient approach to all the guests, it is located in the most approachable area of the city, just 03 k.ms from the Birsa Munda Airport, only 200 meters near from the Ranchi Railway Station and also from Interstate Bus Terminus respectively.
HOTEL ACCORD is a pleasant stay away from the humdrum of the busy streets of the city, rather established in a serene area with peaceful and also natural atmosphere for welcome to all the business conferences and meetings. The space extended here at the hotel is a peaceful and transforming change as the entire facade of the building has a welcoming respite from the choked traffic and denied traffic facilities. The inspired decors of the hotel with the combination of colors and texture of nature gives an elegant looks for highly profiled meeting sans without any disturbance in the meanwhile.

The natural lighting across with the rich fabrics and soft lighting elements across the hotel has a soothing effect on the guests adding further to a pleasurable stay ahead.
Eyeing a new vision of expansion of this property to be designed and developed with a fine eye detail. The hotel will extend its avenues featuring the top-level hospitality, sophisticated rooms, and beautified suites, meeting spaces, full-service restaurant and modern amenities under the one roof. As the state grows further in terms of economy and attracting investors and companies across the globe, the hospitality sector here is too well prepared to provide a homely environment to one and all following the rituals of every Indian household, ‘Athithi Devo Bhavah’, the Hotel Accord is prepared with bouquet of facilities here for the esteemed guests from local and abroad. Today, when the entire state is connected with several companies and their representatives travelling all across, soothing hospitality seems to be a distant cry. The common notion of all hotels not being so hospitable becomes clear enough. However, with our new and revolutionary idea of making your every stay a feel at home, we at Hotel Accord have also joined hands with the IT world to make your stay even easier.
Under many of our new and innovative approaches, we are soon to begin the ‘Privilege Card’ system for the Corporate Clients where you’re every stay in our hotel in the city or our associated hotels across the state will make your stay as good as staying in home. With a wide range of the customer database, several hotels have been brought under the same umbrella for your pleasant stay. A homely approach by the hotel on your visit keeping every bits and pieces for your things in order to your choice, is our priority. Adding feathers to our cap are the Boutique Hotel Amenities that we provide at Hotel Accord to our guests to enjoy. Our full-service restaurant features fresh from farm to- table cuisines amongst premium beverage selections. Amongst other business and luxurious pleasures and facilities, the Hotel Accord too is the right place to visit, making it hospitable to all. The Meetings & Weddings at Hotel Accord adds a chic touch to your events. We offer spacious banquet halls and everything you need for a successful hosting of the event or family functions. The meeting and event services here include full-service catering, audio and visual tackle rentals, and also group rates on hotel rooms.